About Us

Mellow Adventures was established in 2008 by two friends who had a vision of creating authentic private tours with a personal touch. We have ateam of devoted tour guides who all speak good English, they will assist you at all times and make sure you are comfortable and that you are enjoying every moment.

We only offer private tours where you will have your own english speaking tour guide and private car. This is the best way to enjoy every minute of this beautiful Country and we are able to give you the most authentic insight and take special care of you.

With our passion to what we do and with the customers in focus, we are determined to give you a lifetime experience taking you to our special places.

”If you are happy – We are happy”


Steffen is a 43 years old Norwegian with his background from the fashion industry – It is a big contrast to the life and mentality he has today, but for him it was all about finding a good meaningful life.

Over his seven years in Kanchanaburi he has established good knowledge of Thailand, Thai culture and the local areas, Steffen has also gained great respect by the local people who understand his visions of being in Thailand.


She is our German speaking tourguide and will support Mellow Adventures during peak season (Dezember until February). Her passion for traveling and Thailand grew on several trips to Asia. To learn a lot about the Thai culture and Thai life she worked in Phuket for six months.

She would be very happy to introduce you, and mostly our German speaking guests, to Thailand and show you the most wonderful places and make it easy for you to learn about Thai culture.


Mai is our angel in the office. She takes care of our accounting and makes your bookings for all the activities and accommodations. She has been working for several tour companies and knows Kanchanaburi like the back of her hand.


Kanchanaburi is the second largest province in Thailand and the city of Kanchanaburi is located only 130 km North West of Bangkok, easy accessed by car, bus and train.

It is mainly famous for the two rivers, River KwaiNoi and River KwaiYai, also the World War II historical points along the famous “Death Railway” is well known because of the British movie “The Bridge on River Kwai” from 1957, based on the French novel with the same name from 1952 – Most of the areas in Kanchanaburi is wild evergreen jungle and National Parks surrounded by mountains and rivers, the whole province boarders to Myanmar (Burma).

Nature and peace is what is significant for Kanchanaburi, that is why they call it “The garden of Bangkok.”