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Tuesday February 2, 2016 by admin

1. Personal touch – Private Tours
We are a small local company that would like to give each customer a personal and memorable insight into Kanchanaburi and Thailand. We only offer private tours where you will have your own english speaking tour guide and private car. This is the best way to enjoy every minute of this beautiful country and we are able to give you the most authentic insight and take special care of you. Our tourguides are all local and know Kanchanaburi like the back of their own hand.

2. No mass tourism and quality locations
We chose the places we want to show you carefully and know every accommodation and location very well. We tried every restaurant and know where to find the most delicious food. It is our main goal to take you to the most important and beautiful places in Kanchanaburi and introduce you to Thai culture. We have been running our business now for many years and we have discovered many nice places and ways to avoid most of the tourist crowds, there are of course some “must see” destinations that are touristic. But our guides will not take you to any touristic shop or souvenir store, so please ask them if you still want to visit one.

3. “Take it easy”-Service
Our tours include everything from transport to entrance fees to food and drinks (except alcoholic beverages, tips and personal expenses). So you don‘t have to worry about anything and just enjoy our service.

4. Jungle Secrets
Mellow Trek owns a small private jungle camp where we only take our customers to. Our intention from the beginning has also been to include the local people in building up the camp. They are now working with us guiding you through the jungle – with this we give something back to the local community. If you like to be in tune with nature and spend some time with local people this is the thing to do for you!

5. Animal Friendly
Mellow Adventures does not offer the commercial Elephantriding with the woodern seats. If you would like to book this please feel free to contact any other tour company. Even though the Elephants are strong and look like it is easy for them to carry weights this is not true. Many Elephants suffer from back and spine problems because they have been carrying heavy weights for years. Elephants’ bodies are not made to carry but pull heavy weights. Mellow Adventure does not support the commercial Elephant Camps but found a very animal friendly sanctuary which we put our trust in it and can take our customers to with a good feeling and swim and bath with the big greys in the River Kwai.