Hot Springs

Depending on what schedule you chose there are two possible Hot Springs


The pure water is natural and contains more minerals than ordinary water. The mineral water comes from deep underground and because of the heat germs cannot grow. The water passes a filtering process from the layers of rocks, earth and sand. So the water obtained is very clean and contains a lot of accumulative minerals – There is 14 different pools here:

1. Hot mineral water pool (temp 40-42˚C) 2. Hot mineral water pool (temp 38-40˚C) 3. Hot mineral water pool (temp 38-40˚C) 4. Mineral water pool at room temp 5. Thai Herbal Pool 6. Chinese Tea, Mulberry Tea and Babbler’s Bill Herb Pool 7. Dr.Fish Pool (Medium) 8. Dr.Fish Pool (Large) 9. Asian Pigeon Wings Pool 10. Orange Peel/ Kaffir Lime Leaves/ Sweet Basil Pool 11. Red Roselle Pool 12. Coffee Pool 13. Eucalyptus Pool 14. Tiger Herbal Pool What to bring for this destination: Swimwear


The natural hot water is pumped into a pool next to a (cold) swimming pool. This pool is located at the treetop adventure and an ideal finish/refreshment/relaxation after the adventure.

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