Jungle Camp


River Kwai Cool Camp is located in the most restricted and untouched area of Sai Yok National Park. The land is set by the River Kwai Noi with more than 500 km rainforest behind. At our camp the electricity is powered by solar panel and we collect the rain water (the cleanest and best water) – All the things we grow at our land are organic. We can guarantee that there will be no other tourist in this area, there is around 30 local people living here – Which all are our friends. You will be meeting some of the local people. We will be doing a “real jungle trek”, guided by the locals and you will be able to learn about the jungle itself, pick up herbs and vegetable for dinner later in the evening.
Depending on what tour you book you get to do a real jungle trekking (4hours), a short walk or bycicle tour through plantations or just enjoy lunch with the local family.

You will be spending the night in our simple and charming bamboo bungalows, it is an amazing feeling to fall a sleep and wake up to the natures natural music. What to bring for this destination: Good shoes (e.g. running/trekking shoes), swimwear, towel, sunscreen, headwear, long sleeved shirt and long pants

Why should you build your own tour?

We at Mellow Adventures want to make sure that our customers get to enjoy their tour to the fullest. Every person is different. We can organize the perfect tour for you, tailored to your wishes and schedules - at no surcharge.

Have fun figuring out which "ingredients" you like the most! We are happy to send you a tour proposal.