Tour 4.1

Sai Yok and Erawan National Park – Erawan Waterfall – Trek – Rafting – Kayaking – Prasat Mueang Singh – Boat Trip – Mon Temple/Market –Elephant Sanctuary – Death Railway – River Kwai Cool Camp – Jungle Trek – Floating Bungalow, Rustic Guesthouse, Jungle Camp

Day 1


You will start this tour at 8am from your location in Kanchanaburi or at 6am from your location in Bangkok.
First you will visit the stunning Erawan Waterfalls which are an hour drive away, where you will hike up and have the chance to take a swim in some of the seven pools. This takes about 3 hours.
After you enjoy a Thai lunch in a restaurant at the base of the waterfalls. Our tour guide will order some delicious local food for you.
After lunch you will head to the Hellfire Pass & Museum, which is a touching and informative place about the Thailand-Burma-Railway built in WWII. Take your time at the museum and walk along the old rail path through one of the cuttings.
Make your way to Sangkhlaburi (town close to Myanmar border) where you will get to relax by the lake after a 2 hours drive.
Enjoy dinner with a beautiful view over the lake. Your accommodation is a rustic and comfortable Thai Guesthouse overlooking the beautiful lake

Day 2


Start the second day after breakfast with a boat trip on the lake where you will visit the (Under)Watertemple either by foot or boat, depending on the waterlevel, walk up some stairs to the jungle temple and drive past the longest wooden bridge in Thailand. After a short drive walk through some jungle plantations with a local guide. Arrived by the river you will board a bamboo raft and float down the river. This is an exclusive attraction and only available for Mellow Adventures clients. After the trekking and rafting you will be served a simple but delicous lunch and fresh fruit by the river. After a 2 hours drive you will arrive at Sai Yok Nationalpark where you will board your own private raft. A longtail boat tows you up stream and you get to drift down the River Kwai in tubes or only with life jackets and have a shower under a waterfall.
You will stay the night on a floating bungalow and enjoy delicous dinner and lunch on your private raft.

Day 3

Wake up to the sound of the waterfall and leave for a Kayak Trip down the River Kwai, past stunning rock formations and jungle landscapes (kayak for about 1.5 hours). You will arrive at our signature jungle camp. First enjoy a simple but delicous lunch at a local family. After we will be taking a walk and/or a bicycle trip around in the area, guided by the locals and you will be able to learn about the jungle itself. You will also have a refreshing swim in the river and just relax in the beautiful surroundings.
Fall asleep with nature in your private bamboo hut overlooking the River Kwai and the jungle and wake up again in tune with nature.

Day 4

After breakfast you will drive to the Elephant Sanctuary where you wash the elephants in the river and feed them fresh fruit after. This is a really heartwarming and unforgettable encounter. After you walk over the Wooden Bridge built in WWII along the River Kwai and steep rocks and visit the Krasae Cave which was used as a hospital during that period.
Have a delicous Thai lunch at a local restaurant. Our tour guide will order some delicious local food for you.
Nothing is better than great coffee or a refreshing drink with a great view. You will have a coffee break at a local secret café, overlooking the River Kwai.
On your way back to Kanchanaburi you will visit ancient temple ruins at the Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park which were built in the 13th century in the Bayon style (Khmer).
To finish a great day you will visit the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai and with a bit of luck you will even see the train crossing it.
The tour ends around 6.30pm in Kanchanaburi. Transfer to Bangkok takes about 2.5h – 3h

This tour includes:

  • Private transport from/to your location/destination in Kanchanaburi
  • Private tour
  • Private air conditioned car
  • Private tour guide
  • All entrance fees
  • Erawan Waterfalls
  • Erawan Nationalpark
  • Sai Yok National Park
  • Sai Yok Yai Waterfalls
  • Private Raft
  • River activities
  • Hellfire Pass & Memorial Museum
  • Kayak trip down River Kwai
  • River Kwai Cool Camp
  • Jungle Trekk / bicycle tour
  • Boat trip on the lake
  • Mon Bridge
  • Underwater Temple
  • Jungle Temple
  • Trek and Rafting
  • Krasae Cave
  • Death Railway Wooden Bridge
  • Prasat Mueang Singh Historical Park
  • The Bridge over River Kwai
  • Elephant Bath (at an Elephant Sanctuary)
  • Accommodation at Thai Gueshouse (a/c) simple but comfortable floating bungalow and in a bamboo hut (fan only)
  • 10 meals
  • Coffee break and snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Soft drinks
  • A beautiful experience

Not exactly what you are looking for?

Not exactly what you are looking for?